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Renos & Repairs


Owner Ian Menzies grew up fascinated by all things mechanical and was constantly tearing things apart and rebuilding them to make them better or faster. This background knowledge and years of experience in construction and mechanics, both above and below the water, have given him a solid background of experience to consult and advise clients on repairs, refurbishments, replasters and renovations to existing pools whether they be concrete, vinyl liner or fiberglass shell. Our team can make your old pool new again or, depending on budget, at the very least hold, pump and filter the water with efficiency.




When it comes to leak detection, you'll find no better team than a group of professional commercial divers. Rather than drain the pool, we jump in, conduct a full survey, find your leak and can immediately advise you on the best options for repairs. Under most circumstances, we conduct repairs underwater saving precious time and water.




We tend to jump right in for reno consultations as well, preferring to have a swim around the existing pool prior to providing a quotation. By doing so, we can locate and foresee any normally unseen issues prior to draining the pool and provide you with an accurate quote prior to mobilizing the team which means no crazy financial surprises for clients.


We consult directly and regularly with clients when we repair pools and spas and have swapped out skimmers and replumbed entire pools with the water still in them leaving the site looking like we've never been there.




Some poorly constructed pools are beyond minor repairs and we will work with you to resurect your leaky headaches for less than what it would cost to fill them in with soil and turn them into a garden.


For clients wishing to completely start over by changing the shape or material, Nautilus will remove old block, fibretech or liner shells and consult with clients and architects to help them develop ideas for new pool designs, electrical and plumbing options as well as lighting and water features.


Updating Equipment


Owner Ian Menzies will also be able to work with clients wishing to update pool equipment with the latest in swimming pool technology to help make maintenance more efficient and less expensive. This includes equipment that allows for automation through mobile devices as well as updates that can help reduce swimming pool maintenance costs and also keep pools cleaner and warmer. View our products page to see a range of equipment we can install for you including automatic pool cleaners and pool pumps.


Lights, Plumbing, Fun


New pool equipment and lights can also add life to a dated pool and also help make maintenance easier and more cost efficient. Please ask us about the many options to help you save energy and also wow the neighbors with light effects seldom seen in Bermuda. Other services include decking, landscaping, lighting/electrical and plumbing. We can also order and install slides, mooring weights and floating docks to help make your waterside activities even more special.


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