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Underwater Scuba Diving


Inspections  & Repairs Without Draining Your Tank


The Nautilus team understands water so when one long-standing customer asked us to check for a leak in her tank while we were building her swimming pool, we dove into the challenge...literally. A new side business was born.

Drain and Repair Service

After we complete the plastering of any newly refurbished pools we can work with directly with water truckers to ensure your pool is filled quickly and will monitor the filling process. Alternatively, we can use Wallington feeds or offer our “drain the tank” service, an extra service in which we can drain your tank into your new pool and use the opportunity to conduct full dry tank inspections, repairs and cleanings while we are already on your job site, transferring water from one side to the other to keep your plumbing running as normal.


Undrained Tank Inspections and Repairs

For clients not in a position to drain their water tanks into a new pool, our dive team will also dive into tanks at any level, locate leaks and repair them underwater.


Full Tank Cleaning

Where properties have fire suppression systems or bather loads that are too high to allow for a complete tank draining, our divers can vacuum the tank, removing the common sediment from foliage and debris that accumulates on the floor. The end result is a clean tank with an average minimal 1000 gallon water loss for a standard houshold tank.

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